The valuation of your property is a crucial step when you put it on the market; a bad valuation can waste money or precious time. Our professional databases, our techniques and our experience allow us to avoid these pitfalls, we carry out our evaluations very seriously and as close as possible to market prices, many notaries will direct you to our agency to estimate your property.
We advise you on the marketing of your property and on any adjustments to be made, the preparation of your sales file, the conditions of sale and visit.We have a solid legal background, we write the sales agreements to not waste time once the sale or purchase decision has been made.
We also collect your signatures for rental contracts, and we have the assistance of a legal officer to take in charge our inventory (included in the agency fees). Obviously, the first point before even estimating your property is to discuss together so you explain us the human stakes of your property sale, its conditions and what you expect from us, perhaps a repurchase or a rental, we are at your disposal to help you all throughout the process.

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